Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Website Traffic FAQ
  • SEO Backlinks FAQ
  • Alexa Ranking FAQ
  • General FAQ
Website Traffic FAQ
Is it real traffic?

All traffic that we provide is real traffic, paid to browse your website.

How do you drive traffic to the website?

We collaborate with traffic networks that drive traffic to websites from search engines. Our visitors browse and land on your website from there to increase website traffic.

Is your traffic safe for Adsense or Ad networks?

Many of our clients use our traffic to generate revenue, but we cannot guarantee (in fact, no traffic providers can) that your website’s ad account (including Adsense) will be 100% safe, because each of them has their own terms of service and rules that you need to abide by and accounts are not banned based on traffic alone.

Will the traffic increase my bounce rate?

Your bounce rate will depend on your website’s speed and content. If you have a fast loading website with good content, visitors will spend more time on your site, and thus, the bounce rate will be lower. The average bounce rate of our traffic packages is around 10-20%. In other words, increasing website traffic does not mean a higher bounce rate.

What if my website goes down due to a traffic spike?

If you want to boost your website traffic, please ensure that your web host can handle the traffic spike.

As a rule of thumb, shared hosting can handle no more than 8k/day. If you are boosting more than 8k/day, it is recommended to host your website on a VPS or dedicated server.

Optymizer will not replace traffic if your web host is unable to handle the traffic spike.

What are the restrictions on website traffic packages?
  • We do not accept any websites that contain auto downloaders, trojans, viruses or malware.
  • We do not accept websites that require a signup or any similar Cost Per Action, CPA websites, and Survey websites.
  • We do not accept heavy loading websites (more than 20 seconds), as it affects our organic traffic to leave the site before it is even loaded.
  • URL shortening links are not allowed for any website traffic campaign.
  • We do not accept any Youtube, Vimeo, or other similar video streaming URLs.
  • We strongly recommend you read our Terms of Service before purchasing our packages, as all sales are final and non-refundable.
Can you guarantee any sales, revenue, conversion, downloads or sign ups?

No, we cannot (no traffic providers can) guarantee any sales, revenue, conversion, downloads, or sign-ups. The only thing we can guarantee is that we will deliver the purchased amount of traffic to your website and we will also provide compensation if you receive less traffic than you ordered. (We will increase website traffic to your website after the campaign ends as compensation).

SEO Backlinks FAQ
How many keywords can I submit?

We accept up to 5 keywords, but in order to get the best results, we recommend 3 keywords.

When can I expect to see results?

Ranking improvement results in Google may vary, however, most of our clients see results in less than 3 months. Results vary depending on the site’s onsite SEO and the competitiveness of the keywords. Additionally, SEO is an ongoing process which takes time to see ranking improvement.

Can you help me submit a disavow file?

Yes, we can absolutely help you with a disavow file, but most of the time you don’t need a disavow file unless you receive a lot of spam visitors to your website.

Do the links record in Ahref, Moz and Majestic?

Yes, of course, but it takes a while to appear and to drive traffic to your site. We also cannot guarantee that the links will appear on all of those sites. However, most of the links will be recorded by those SEO tools and will definitely increase website traffic metrics.

What are the keywords you recommend most?

A keyword is one of the foundations of getting successful SEO results. Therefore, to drive traffic to your website, we suggest long-tail keywords (3 or more words, the longer the better) with low – medium keyword competitiveness for the best results to increase website traffic.

Do you use good links or spam links that could hurt my SEO?

All our SEO backlinks are premium, high authority backlinks built using the White Hat method. Therefore, they will improve your website SEO metrics and search engine rankings. We never use spam links that could result in a penalty by search engines.

Alexa Ranking FAQ
Is it safe for my website?

Yes, our Alexa Ranking improvement system is 100% safe for any website.

What is the Alexa global rank and the Alexa country rank?

The Alexa global rank is your website’s Alexa ranking compared to all other websites around the world that Alexa has recorded in its system.

The Alexa country rank is your website’s Alexa ranking compared to all other websites in a specific country that Alexa has recorded in its system.

In conclusion, our Alexa ranking package targets the global rank but can also improve your country rank.

My site does not appear in Alexa’s rankings, can I still use your service?

Yes, you can! In fact, we accept all websites, even if the site is new and not yet recorded by Alexa. To drive traffic to your website, you will need to increase your Alexa ranking as well.

Do you drive traffic to my website as part of the Alexa ranking package?

No, we do not drive traffic to your website as part of this package. We only improve your Alexa traffic ranking.

General FAQ
How can we monitor the results?

For Website Traffic

You can check and monitor the traffic using Google Analytics. Please note that you must have Google Analytics set up on your website before you order our Traffic packages, otherwise, you may not get an accurate calculation of visits/traffic and we may not compensate nor be held responsible for any loss of traffic due to traffic not captured by your Google Analytics account. We only accept claims for lost website traffic from Google Analytics. If your website is an affiliate link, we can provide a link for you.

For SEO Backlinks

We provide an Excel report and also your keyword‘s link to monitor your Website’s SEO Ranking.

For Alexa Ranking

You will need to either install the Alexa Chrome Extension or check your rank manually on Alexa’s Website.

Do you accept adult, pharma or similar sites?

We accept all sites including adult and pharma sites. However, we do not accept any sites that include child, rape, or abuse porn; we also do not accept any website that contains abusive language; promote hate or racism; contain viruses, malware, or anything similar.

What is the turnaround time for activation?

For Website Traffic

The turnaround time to activate the website traffic package is 24-48 hours. However, it may take longer if you order is placed during weekends. You will receive an email once your campaign is activated.

For SEO Backlinks

The turnaround time to complete the SEO Backlinks packages is 14-21 days. You will receive an email once the link building campaign is complete.

For Alexa Backlinks

The turnaround time to activate the Alexa Backlink package is 3-5 days. However, it will take longer if your order is placed during the weekends. You will receive an email once your campaign is activated.

What makes Optymizer different from others?

For Website Traffic

We allow pop-ups. Not more than 1 pop-up per campaign (other traffic providers strictly disallow any pop-ups). We give free bonus compensation for any lost traffic + more bonus (5K – 300K Visitors) if you order a larger package.

For SEO Backlinks

We provide premium backlinks from High Domain Authority Sites with an affordable pricing plan. We only use White Hat method to ensure the best results.

For Alexa Ranking

We provide a money-back guarantee if your Alexa Ranking is not improved in 30 days.

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